About MC-Ocean

Gives everyone an equal opportunity to strive and achieve a successful life.


The thought to succeed and being extremely wealthy occupies almost everyone’s passionate dreams. For the past few years, as MC-Ocean has expanded globally, with the well-planned strategy and coaching system, it has successfully developed many business partners to achieve their dreams. Success can be attained within a short period of time if we make a right choice and work on it systemically.


Wealth and freedom are desired by every human being. MC-Ocean has prepared a plan for each and every one, and will assist you to achieve growth that is relevant and consistent with its inspiration to make those involved.


In life, your wealth is meaningless without a good health. Apart from providing various good and healthy ranges of products, MC-Ocean focuses on education and coaching everyone to a right mind-set and a good personal value philosophy. A good education system envisaged by MC-Ocean is to coach and lead everyone to a healthy, meaningful and have wisdom in life. The journey has already begun and will never end.


Most individuals, who aspire to obtain fame and fortune, are hoping to get epic milestone and leaves a legacy of wisdom, to be admired and treasured by everyone. Let’s get together to achieve this journey with MC-Ocean.


MC-Ocean has great mission. We create an equal business opportunity platform and a systematic coaching method, to lead your way to glory, wealth, freedom and a healthy lifestyle. Together with MC-Ocean, you can make this dream come true and realise this mission, making your life meaningful.

The Smart Make the Right Choice, MC-Ocean is Your Choice !


MC-Ocean – The Beginning of Your Dream

Curiosity to explore the unknown territory is always associated with human civilization. The renowned explorer and navigator, Christopher Columbus, was destined to dream into the unknown where the New America continent was eventually discovered by him. The Yong Le Emperor of ancient China initiated the naval expeditions into South East Asia and Indian Ocean. Admiral Cheng Ho commanded these 7 expeditionary voyages to the West and created the history. During the ancient days, European navigators and explorers sailed through the ocean storms and wave, travelling back and forth East and West, event as far as Japan.


The sage wisdom says: our livelihood is dependence to the environment we are in. In this competitive society, it is the survival of the fittest.


Rivers from various continents flow into the majestic Oceans. You need a strong and firm ship to sail through these borderless Oceans, in finding your dreamed treasures.


The mysterious ocean is unpredictable. With a strong and steady business foundation, MC-Ocean will sail with you confidently into the Oceans, and shall push you to the top during a stormy wave.


Regardless of the tidal waves, MC-Ocean stands firmly enduring the storms and waves. The sail propel the ship seeking the richness of natural resources of the ocean endlessly. Prosperous generations is our belief and mission, harvesting the lucrative returns and glory in life.


With the rising awareness in environmental protection globally, MC-Ocean believe strongly in corporate social responsibility by contributing back to the society where we have benefited from. The mission and responsibility of MC-Ocean is to protect this global greenness so that the richness of this natural resources can be enjoyed by our many generations to come.


Dreams creates wealth, health is priceless,

Perfect training system, quality products research,

Strong entrepreneurial platform, building a luxurious life,

Sincere business ethics, active charity around the world.

MC-Ocean Successful Blueprint – Your Lifelong Treasure Map


Develop a high performance and professional management team,

Unique competitive advantage and blue ocean marketing strategy,

Research and develop high quality products with unique properties,

Currently has developed more than 12 product brands,

Possess 35 patented product formula,

Support from international CGMP / GMP product specialists,

Marvellous domestic and international market development outlook,

Implement a fair and steady marketing plan,

Inheritable sales bonus programs,

International marketing support team.


MC Ocean About Us Illustration



Guiding a professional management team and of high performance,

Unique competing advantage and the Blue Ocean marketing plan,

Producing and researching high quality products with unique features,

Now has created more than 12 product brands,

Has 35 patented product recipes,

Support from product specialist CGMP/ international GMP,

Development prospects are not limited to domestic and international markets,

Implementation of a fair and stable marketing plan,

Bonus programs for generation heritage,

Support from international teams in marketing.



Choices are more important than persistence,The right choice, with persevering effort, the best dream will be fulfilled soon.



Success does not come easy. To reach dreams and success one must continue to be hardworking and work smart.

Pride that continues to shine will always be inherited.