EnerABC (30g per sachet)

MC Ocean Product EnerABC FAQ

EnerABC A natural, safe and palatable formula that promote weight management, provide essential nutrients and enhances cardiovascular wellness.

It is a soluble fiber, an active ingredient with health benefits. Several clinical studies have discovered that it has the effect of lowering cholesterol levels and reducing the risk of heart disease, this effect has been approved by many national health authorities.

It depends on the person’s height, age, gender, weight and amount of daily excercise. For example, a 27-year-old man with a height of 170cm and a weight of 70kg, with very little daily exercise, requires about 2000Kcal calories per day.


If you are not sure how to calculate for yourself, you could find an online calories calculator to figure out the amount of calories needed daily.

α-polysaccharide peptide is an active nano-sized nutrient that is smaller than body cells. It can be immediately absorbed and used by cells. Thus speeding up the metabolism and self-healing functionality of body cells.

You have to spend the calorie more than you are consuming them. Generally speaking, as long as the total calorie intake of daily calorie consumption, your body would burn the excess calories and calories stored in the body, achieving the effect of burning fat and losing weight.


If you are not sure about how to safely lose weight by reducing the total amount of calories consumed daily, you could find an online calories calculator to figure out the amount of calories needed daily, then you could reduce the total amount of calories consumed daily until it is a few hundred less than the amount needed per day.


More details about this could be found here: How to safely and effectively create a calorie deficit for weight loss.

Soy, Barley with 25% Beta-Glucan, Long Grain Rice, Short Grain Rice, Fragrant Rice, Natural Vanilla Flavour.

  • Beta-Glucan and α-PSP
  • Provide essential wellness needs for modern people at a low-calorie formula that aids in slimming and health protection.
  • Suitable for children, adult, senior citizen and vegan.
  • Mix 1 sachet of EnerABC with 200ml of room temperature water in a shaker, shake well until even and drink immediately
  • Suggested taking 1-2 sachet daily before breakfast and / or dinner, 1 sachet per time.


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