Serywn Deep Sea Skincare

MC Ocean Product Serywn Deep Sea Skincare FAQ

Provides 4 main ingredients


1) NIF (Noxious-ingredients Free) Technique – Preservatives free, not burdening your skin

New NIF technology – preservatives free, DEHP free, mineral oil free, and alcohol free; the most effective and superior skin care system for your skin protection.


2) Revitalize Your Skin – Deep Sea Water x Maifanite Stone Extracts

Extracts from Maifanite stone (commonly known as the healing stone), combined with deep sea water extracted from 600m below ocean level, restoring your skin to a vibrant and youthful look.


3) Resilience, Translucence and Evenly Whitening – Oryza Sativa (Rice) Extracts

Use 100% deep sea water to this marvelous Oryza Sativa extracts. It has the inhibitory effect on the activity of Tyrosine which causes the black pigmentation in the skin.


4) Moisturising, Softening and Firming Effect – Humulus Lupulus Extracts

This long known ancient herbal plant contains high natural preservative qualities and form major components in many plant essential oils. It inhibits pigmentation disorder, and promotes metabolism. It gives optimum moisturizing effect; balancing the moisture and sebum layer of the skin so as to give a translucent, radiant and supple skin.

The skincare routine of Serywn can be divided into morning routine, night routine, and a weekly special routine. The specific steps are listed out below.

StepsDay TimeNight Time
CleansingMoisturizing Cleansing GelMoisturizing Cleansing Lotion
Moisturizing Cleansing Gel
HydratingAdvanced Hydrating TonerAdvanced Hydrating Toner
ConditioningAdvance Activating ConcentrateAdvanced Night Repair
Eye Area CaringEye Dark Circle CorrectorEye Dark Circle Corrector
Moisturizing & RetainingAdvanced Hydrating CreamAdvanced Hydrating Cream
ProtectionAdvanced Protective CreamAdvanced Protective Cream (apply if required)
StepsWeekly Special Care (1-2 times per week)
CleansingMoisturizing Cleansing Lotion
Moisturizing Cleansing Gel
Gentle Smoothing Exfoliator
HydratingAdvanced Hydrating Toner
Intensive CaringMoisturizing Repair Mask (After applying the mask, massage the remaining essence all over the face)
Advanced Hydrating Toner(Dampen the cotton pad with toner, lightly press the whole face and wipe off remaining essence in order to achieve better penetration and absorption of the following skincare product.)
ConditioningAdvanced Night Repair
Advanced Activating Concentrate
Eye Area CaringEye Dark Circle Corrector
Moisturizing & RetainingAdvanced Hydrating Cream
ProtectionAdvanced Protective Cream (apply if required)

Sunscreen (or sunblock) can protect your skin from damages and aging causes by ultraviolet radiation such as UVA and UVB, which can also be found indoors from lightings and lamps, computer monitor, television screen etc.

Yes, your facial pores will get clogged with pollutants, dirt and microorganisms every day. The cleanser keeps your pores clean and enhances the absorption of subsequent skincare products.

Actually, oily skin is a symptom of dehydrated skin because the sebaceous glands kept on producing more sebum (the natural oil that covers our skin) to keep your skin from losing moisture and it is vital for keeping the skin healthy. However, too much sebum can lead to oily skin, clogged pores, and acne. Managing oily skin often requires a person making regular skin care a habit. Related information is available Here.


Serywn Deep Sea skincare products utilize skin-friendly ingredients that effectively hydrate and moisturize the deepest skin layer immediately. Combined with skin repairing ingredients (e.g. Vitamin E), Serywn improves hydration in corneum layers and its ability to retain water. The oil-based ingredients will seal the water effectively and maintain long lasting moisture. Eventually improves the oil secretion of sebaceous glands.

Apply Serywn Deep Sea Moisturizing Repair Mask or Serywn Saussurea Involucrata Multi Hydrating Mask before bedtime for only 20 minutes, it will give you 10 times more effective in repairing skin cells, brightening and moisturized. Skin looks supple and shining.

You should only use a skin care product for the purpose it was crafted. Majority of skincare products for day use are designed to protect against ultraviolet radiation. After applying the protective ingredient guards your skin against UVA & UVB radiation while keeping the skin nourished and moisturized. This is similar for night use skincare products which meant for improving and repairing the skin condition. Thus, it is advisable to follow the directions for use.


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