MC Ocean health supplement product-Enertri Pro

Enertri Pro- 12g

MC Ocean Product FAQ-Enertri Pro

Yes, it is only suitable after your baby has accustomed to complementary feeding.

Enertri Pro promotes health improvement through complementing daily diet with quality nutrition.

The time and efficacy differ from person to person. If you want a faster effect, you should take 2 sachets a day.

Due to the high absorption rate of Enertri Pro, your body experience a temporary discomfort due to body excreting toxins in such a short time; these discomforts will be disappeared after your body becomes healthy.

The detail information regarding Tiger Milk Mushroom (TMM) is available here: Tiger Milk Mushroom Helps To Strengthen The Respiratory System, The First Clinical Trial On Humans. Information provided below are obtained from the original source.


According to Assistant Professor of School of Healthy Aging, Medical Aesthetics and Regenerative Medicine, Dr Tan Chung Keat:


Supplements such as TMM can definitely help to boost up our immunity and provide extra protection to the body especially in a world facing coronavirus that attacks the human respiratory system.


“Previous studies conducted in United States, Singapore and France have shown that boosted immunity, especially the enhanced production of a special antibody called immunoglobulin A in respiratory system can significantly reduce the risk of coronavirus infection. And our study has shown that TMM supplementation can significantly enhance the production of the said antibody,” he expressed.


Additionally, the anti-inflammatory agents found in TMM also have the potential to be beneficial in treating chronic respiratory diseases such as sinusitis and asthma.

Tiger Milk Mushroom, Organic Riceberry, Milk Thistle, Monk Fruit and Purple Sweet Potato

  •  Provide essential wellness needs of modern people, contain health and beauty promoting properties.
  •  Protecting the health of immune system and respiratory system
  •  Do not contain artificial colourings, no additives and no artificial preservatives.
  •  Suitable for children, adult, senior citizen and vegan.
  •  Pour 150ml of warm water in a Ener-Shaker, add one sachet of Enertri Pro. Shake well until even and drink.
  •  Recommendation for adult to take twice daily before breakfast and at night before bedtime, for special needs, you may take 3 times (1 sachet each time) for a day.


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